Near one year ago, Ryan K. Wilson and I entered River City Studios on a Saturday
morning for a “Live At River City” recording session. At the time we had been
performing house concerts featuring stripped down versions of both new and older
material, so we decided to stick with a format similar to those shows for these
recordings. Early that morning we chose the songs we’d attempt later that day and
while both under the weather, we efficiently recorded each selection.
After our performance we broke for a meal, followed by an interview that you will
most likely never see. Also absent from the session is performance footage of the
song, These Kids, which has since mysteriously disappeared.
I remember the energy in the studio was very positive that day. I recall jokes with
the film crew between takes providing some essential comedic relief from the
serious content of the songs. We also had some friends stop by who surely
enhanced the mood of the session. Additionally, our comfort level working with
engineer Roy Wallace in a studio where we had both previously created, definitely
contributed to the feel of these recordings.
I don’t have too much else to say about the session other than the fact that we are
glad to be able to finally share them with You and are blessed to have been invited
to participate in the session. Enjoy and stay tuned for our upcoming releases…First
up: The 5iveit LP, produced by Nixon and Ryan K. Wilson coming very soon.
It Past Potential Each Day Manifest Your Dreams.
Until Then,
Rick Chyme
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