This is a trailer for The Score of Your Life, which was made for the 48 Hour Film Project 2012 in Paducah by my team, Southern Motion. The full film can be seen here:

Genre: Dark Comedy
Required Prop: Ticket
Required Line of Dialog: "That doesn't make any sense."
Required Character: Daniel Magalees, writer.

Plot: Harpist Joanna Williams is returning to the workforce as a personal soundtrackist. Her clients include a "businessman", a spoiled teenager, and a writer.

Our team did an outstanding job! We wrote the film Friday night (into Saturday morning), shot it from 8 AM to 7 PM Saturday, and edited it to turn it in on Sunday evening. We're all proud of it, so I hope this trailer teases you into watching the film. The team showed good humor and worked well together, despite the fact that many of us didn't know each other prior to this project. I am personally so grateful for everyone's hard work and dedication.

Narrator: John Lipe
Joanna Williams: Joyce Hesketh
Innio Morricone: Pete Housman
Hannah Zimmer: Raynah Unes-Reid
Mr. Barry: John Lipe
Alicia Silvestri: Kristin Doty
Daniel Magalees: Jamie McNutt
Nino "The Enforcer" Roda: Roger Trexler
Mourner: Virginia Housman

Producer: Michelle Greene
Writer: Adam E. Stone
Director: Adam E. Stone
Director of Photography: Jason Greene
Editor: Jason Greene
Assistant Cameraman: James Throgmorton
Sound and Electrical: Jon Alexander
Production Runner: Tami McNutt

The very talented musician, Joyce Hesketh, composed and performed original music throughout.

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