Here is a real time video showing the Funnel Web Spider Dolly TM in action.
Time-lapse video found here
The dolly is capable of speeds up to 60km/hr for super fast tracking shots and with the addition of a slower motor (2rpm) it can be used as a time-lapse rig.
Before we start production we need your input to make the FWD the best it can be, tell us what you want in a camera dolly system.

We need to get 100 buyers on the pre-sale list before we can launch them on Ebay or Kickstarter. If you would like to buy one contact to get on the list.

Q.Why would I want a FWD?
A. If you are a film maker and want to add extra production value to your shoot. The dolly is an essential tool that has been a staple piece of equipment in the film industry ever since it's inception. No advances in technology has been able to replace the simple mechanics of the rolling wheel and the human touch of a dolly move to add emotion, substance and meaning to an otherwise static shot.

Q. What makes this FWD different to other dollies?

A.The Funnel web dolly has 3 main functions.

1. Fast motorised function: The best example to explain the motorised dolly function is that it operates like the one on the Olympics that follows the sprinters from the sideline.

2. Hand powered function: It works perfectly smooth and silent for a real time hand pushed dolly that can handle the weight of all kinds of cameras from your light weight DSLR to your super heavy REDs, Alexa, broadcast and 35mm film cameras. An extension kit will be available so that you can stretch out the size of the dolly to 1000mm x 620mm (the industry standard for dolly track width). Making enough room for a camera operator and focus puller to ride on, utilising the same wheel assembly, meaning you don't have to buy a new unit, you can swap around the parts and set ups depending on your needs.

3.Time lapse function: This allows the FWD to move super slow over a long period of time in order to capture multiple images for a time lapse sequence.

Q. What can you use for track?
A. We recommend you use 50mm aluminium tube because it is very strong and can mount directly into our custom made tube clamp bar system that will hold the tube 250mm apart for the dolly to slide up and down on.

Or you could use PVC pipe which is about $12 for 4 meters of track.

Aluminium Dolly body 300mm x 450mm
16 custom wheels turned down to provide smooth and silent camera moves.
ABEC 7 bearings
Flat black painted finish to reduce reflections.
Can take up to 100kg

The fast motor kit comes with:
RC car motor to drive the dolly at high speeds:
1/10 Scale TOP Version Brushless
New 2.4 Gig Long Range Radio remote
New 3300KV High Power Brushless Race Motor
Electronic Speed controller with fan
Fully Proportional Forward / Reverse / Brake
New 3600mAh 25C LiPo Battery
Alloy Upper Deck
Ready To Run

Music by: Russell W 'Cloud Rip'

Full Loop:

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