Everyday somewhere in the world , someone is giving something for FREE!! So we share with you a free gift for your contribution:

For a LIMITED TIME We extend an invitation to you to receive one copy of our educational video game:


Your journey to a full understanding of NIGHTMARE CITY and THE DELPHIC CULT is the greatest adventure of all. But you need a map that shows you where you are and where you are going.

Find out for yourself, with this hands on Gaming Experience Educational Tool.

This Creation of Human Ability in full color AND SOUND was initially produced in collaboration with Jonathan Grindstaff in 2008 using an opensource code called "SuperTux." It is a classic 2D jump and run sidescroller game in a style similar to the original Super Mario games.

>look here for a sample of the 1st LEVEL>>

IT features:
• 9 formidable opponents
• 26 BEAUTIFUL playable levels of Radiant Light and Color
• new transcendental music
• completely redone psychedelic graphics

Remember, this LIMITED FREE OFFER lasts only until 11:59PM on August 31st 2012!

This limited free offer is available especially for you:

an INDESCRIBABLE value, FREE, with your contribution of $1500 or more to
NIGHTMARE city's THE delphic CULT.

You caN easily run it on your home computer and We will send you all the information you need for easy installation!!!!!


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