A bare space, hardly visible light changes, music fragments floating into the silence for mere seconds. Four bodies and we, the viewers, all illuminated. All watch and being watched.

Three makers joined to create a choreography together. Marco Torrice from Italy, Csaba Molnár from Slovakia and company leader Adrienn Hód set out to interrogate on their own ways the frames of dance, body and space.
The result of their mutual work is a living environment which is born in the front of our very eyes - with an intensive inner experience but without the trace of any didactics. The display of sexuality, the disposition of the body in space and time, and the modelling of the worlds of silence and music, systematically transpose the gestural language and dramaturgy of traditional theater into the infinity of 'here and now'. What emerges is a unique and unrepeatable deconstruction of reality, which we inescapably absorb in its entirety. The multifaceted disassembly/unleashing of movement creates a new and abstract meta-language which, sometimes playfully, sometimes alienated, nonetheless with highly impressive artistry, guides us to our innermost and pristine experience: To live reality in a rearranged and revived form.

The last production of HODWORKS manifests the poetry of life and the invisible alchemy of re-creation — perceptibly but in a cunning way, inaccessible to the intellect until the last moment.

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