Welcome to the Charlottesville Fire Department’s fire service physical ability test. This test consists of eight events developed to obtain candidates who are physically able to perform the critical job requirements of a firefighter. This a timed test and requires you to progress along a predetermined path from event to event in a continuous manner. This is a pass/fail test based on a maximum total time of nine (9) minutes and forty (40) seconds for the completion of all eight events. Failure to complete all eight events in the allotted time or a violation resulting in a failure during any on the eight events will result in a failure of the test.

During the eight events, you will wear a 40-pound vest to simulate the weight of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and fire fighter protective clothing, including a helmet and gloves. An additional 40 pounds will be added to your weight vest during the stair climb event to simulate a high-rise pack (hose bundle).

Throughout all events, you will be required to wear long pants, a protective helmet with chin strap, firefighting gloves, and footwear with no open heel or toe. The helmet and gloves will be provided on site. Watches and loose or restrictive jewelry are not permitted.

The events are placed in a sequence that best simulates fire scene events with a 70-foot walk between events. However, the actual course layout may vary in order to conform to the available testing area. To ensure the highest level of safety and to prevent exhaustion, no running is allowed between events. This walk allows you approximately 20 seconds to recover from one event, before beginning another event.

To ensure scoring accuracy by eliminating timer failure, two stopwatches are used to time the test. One stopwatch is designated as the official test time stopwatch, the second is the backup stopwatch. If time expires prior to the completion of the test, the test is concluded and you fail the test.

All eight events must be completed within nine minutes and forty seconds. Once you have completed all eight events, you must report to the rehabilitation station for evaluation.

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