21st century has lead the consumerism society through a process of detachment from i’ts most essential spiritual condition. The human being as we know it, silenced within an ocean of noise and superimposed desires finds increasing difficulties the to listen to it’s own heart. We are taught according to the dogmas of capitalism, money, entertainment and insane rivalry. In a world that follows a frenetic speed rate, mankind is in the need of a lapse of time to stop and reflect over the automatism of his acts. We propose a space previous to any religious belief. A self encounter, an introspective break, a conscious look.


The city is the place where modern society develops life and activity, but becomes often a hostile ecosystem that will often drive us to exhaustion. Here we find is where action becomes more urgent. And we focus in an infrastructure within, that which collects most aspects of the organism that it distributes; the subway station. Like Marc Augé’s “Non-Place” or Rem Koolhaas’ “Junkspace” we see the underground as a space that steals from human capacity to decide while mixing all identities, nationalities, social and ethnic groups provoking an oppressive climate where one cannot but feel lonely within. Taking advantage of the huge neglected spaces in many subway stations around the world, we achieve to reach all that variety of people. Bringing light into darkness, calm into noise, natural into artificial.


Enlightment has been mankind’s perpetual aim in searching for the meaning of life. Nature always offered an adequate context where to achieve this aim. In it’s virginal state, as by our precedent cultures in forests or other places of incredible beauty; or as by urban cultures through manipulating the natural elements of water or light like in the gothic cathedrals or the ancient arab mosques. We must now follow this path, re-connecting nature with the human beings, assuming our citizen condition, making our contexts more pleasant, therefore bringing nature into our artificial world.


A Transcendental Space conceived as an addition of contrasted experiences. A space which is alive and evolves to change completely. Located in the distribution core of Barcelona’s Intermodal subway station in the outskirts of the city, we enclose a small void where to perform this individual experience. The space is not restricted for collective use, but it’s dimensions pretend to transmit introspection, silence and reflection. We propose a narrow entry amongst four others that lead to the subway lanes. This entry can vary and lacks an indication in a way that the access to this space can be casual and surprising, as we understand that this is the way that the laws of nature play. As we follow the dark corridor, our eyes begin to get used to the little light. All of a sudden, the section increases it’s height, the scale changes and so does the materiality. The concrete paving becomes soil, noise disappears and humidity can be perceived by one’s skin. An ambulatory surrounds the industrial-like façades of the steel mesh boxes suspended in place by a tense network of metallic cables. Sofisticated, technical, contemporary. Underneath a spurt of light coming out, the sky reflected upon a delicate layer of water invites the guest to peep in. Then the forest stretches upwards reaching the sky. Thousands of leaves swaying gently filter the beams of light that fill in and paint the magical atmosphere in this parallel world. The sky, unreachable completes the scene. All senses are stimulated, smell, light, humidity, sound, even the movement of the station due to the subway crossing by. A space that allows the expansion of the soul, where to stop for a moment in our frenetic lives, to sit on the soft moss, to reflect, to pray... to come back to the world renewed.


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