Find out the difference between mass and weight!

Video presented by
BioEd Online
Baylor College of Medicine
Center for Educational Outreach


Video By:
Pamela Ayala
Tammy Ngo
Devin Perry
Tyler Swensen
Richard Villanueva

Support By:
Christopher Burnett
Jim Denk
Travis Kelleher
Nancy Moreno
Michael Vu

Space_Shuttle_Columbia_launching. Wikimedia Commons User: NASA. Retrieved 7/24/2012 from

Apollo_15_flag,_rover,_LM,_Irwin. Wikimedia Commons User: Evil Monkey. Retrieved 7/24/2012 from,_rover,_LM,_Irwin.jpg

This video features the song "The Blue Danube Waltz" by Johann Strauss, Leopold Stokowski conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra. Transfer and restoration by Bob Varney. Available under a Creative Commons license: Attribution 3.0 license.

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