The life of a mermaid in the lake of Michigan. They spend their days lounging, counting shells and brushing their long brightly colored hair. They are creatures that we wildly fantasize about. They are mythical anomalies, sometimes evil luring men at sea to their death and sometimes smiling printed on a little girl's pillowcase or a set of stickers. But what is life truly like for a mermaid? Mer- (from the Old English word mere meaning sea) and maid- a young girl or woman. What is her life like without the sea from which the very root of her name came forth, living out her days in a lake. Perhaps she is just like any other girl, or perhaps the modern meaning of the latter half of her name becomes more appropriately matched to her mundane life.

Directed by Molly Hewitt
Costumes by Molly Hewitt
Featuring Lauren Taylor the Mermaid

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