Prumsodun Ok's multimedia performance draws on Cambodian pop music and traditional dance to retell and recast a classical drama. Following the narrative of a mythological Buddhist tale in which an earth-bound deity falls in love with a mortal, Of Land and Sky re-imagines the central lovers as two gay men and surrounds them with a chorus of intergenerational women to explore notions of femininity, beauty and transgressive love. A classically trained artist who refuses to dismantle his tradition even as he challenges its constraints, Ok invokes contemporary political inquiry while retaining the elegant gestural language of Khmer dance. - REDCAT

Performers: Rosemary Candelario, Joyce Lu, Ernesto Mañacop, Emily Mayne, Prumsodun Ok, Anna B. Scott, Allison Wyper

Live Percussion: Ariel Campos
Live Sound: Archie Carey & Odeya Nini

Note: This video is not a two-camera edit of one performance. Instead, it splices clips from two different performances during the REDCAT Now Festival 2012. Usually, I am not a fan of this, but given the scope and scale of this work, I am have edited the footage to best reflect the formal aspects of the work as well as the performativity of the cast.

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