The once in a lifetime trip, summed up in just over 4 minutes.

I was asked to be the official photographer/videographer for the 10 day adventure to Paris, Nice and Monaco sponsored by Microsoft, Asus and JB HiFi. Basically, Asus and Microsoft ran a sales incentive at JB HiFi and the top sales people from Australia won this trip. Having only found out about the trip and the job less than 2 weeks before departure, looking back on it makes the experience even more surreal.

It was really a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants job. No tripods, no prep time, run and gun craziness across France and Monte Carlo. So there's some shaky footage, there's some stabilized footage. You try holding a 7D steady while tearing around Paris on a segway - or hanging out the back of a Porsche in the south of France.

A massive thanks to those who were involved in co-ordinating the trip and for asking me to come along. I feel truly thankful and amazed everytime I think about it. It will never feel real.

Music: Gypsy and the Cat - The Piper's Song

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