Unlike a conventional helicopter, TreeHouse Heli-Cam Pro can deliver much more aesthetic videos, and can access locations that are impossible for a real helicopter.
Benefits include:
- Quickly deployed to location.
- Does not require Air Traffic Control or GCAA approvals.
- Manually piloted, or fully autonomous with pre-programmed flight patterns.
- No limitation for minimum altitude.
- Quiet with minimal wind turbulence.
- Can support RED EPIC Digital Cinema Camera, Canon 300 C, Canon 5D, Sony NEX-7, and other cameras.
- Vibration dampening brackets ensure smooth camera motion.
- Real time video monitoring signal transmitted directly from helicopter to ground controls for video assist recording and playback.
- Fully contained operation with support vehicle, tent, and landing pad.
- Ability to fly over difficult or dangerous terrain, such as desert, water, narrow paths, buildings, populated areas … etc.
Contact info@treehouse.ae - treehouse.ae

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