Titel: Derrière la fenêtre - Luxembourg
Produced by: Filip Mitrovski
L 2012

As I am living in Luxembourg now for two months I wanted to capture the emotions from everyday life in the city. By making this short film it was for me important not to be a part of the scene so that the people don't recognize that they are filmed.
The question was to find a point where I was so close that I can film properly but at the same time so far away that nobody would notice. Then a bus passed and I got the idea to film the happening outside the bus through the window. That's also the reason for the name 'Derrière la fênetre' or in English: Behind the window.

The most footage was taken with a Canon EOS 7D on 720p with 50fps.

The song is 'Black Crow' by Angus and Julia Stone.

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