Episode One of Ika-Roa by Marcos Avlonitis & Richard Caves.
Originally aired on ELFM.co.uk.


In humanity's future, mankind has spread across the galaxy. On the desolate planet of Ika-Roa, two colonies struggle to co-exist peacefully after centuries cut off from the rest of the human race.

When a trading expedition arrives bringing modern civilization and rapid expansion, the inhabitants fight to maintain their original identities. But when a precious resource is discovered on Ika-Roa, suspicion and unrest grows, and all three groups must find a way to avert disaster.

Ika-Roa is a seven-part drama series airing on ELFM every Tuesday at 6pm starting on the 8th of May, 2012.

Visit ELFM.co.uk for more information, listen to Ika-Roa live or to use ELFM’s catch-up service.

Ika-Roa was written and produced by Marcos Avlonitis & Richard Caves and is a RicoMark production for ELFM.

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