(Slide 1) Meet Chris. Chris owns his own business

(Slide 2) and he knows that his great smile is very important to its success.

(Slide 3) Today, while eating his lunch,

(Slide 4) he notices his tooth is feeling a bit strange

(Slide 5) He expects it to pass,

(Slide 7) but the next thing he knows,

(Slide 8) he’s got a whopping tooth ache

(Slide 10) This is when Chris gets scared. With a low Dental IQ,

(Slide 11) he has no idea what to do.

(Slide 12) He hasn’t had a regular dentist in a long time

(Slide 13) and is unsure where to even begin.

(Slide 15) he searches for answers online.

(Slide 16) but it's hard to find good information, that he can trust.

(Slide 18) Dr. Rose understands that better informed patients mean

(Slide 19) better oral health outcomes.

(Slide 20) But she wonders how she can help inform the public while growing her practice in an effective way.

(Slide 21) She’s not an old fashioned dentist that has let the information

(Slide 22) super highway pass straight over her practice.

(Slide 23) She realizes that in order to stay relevant,

(Slide 24) her practice must have a strong online presence

(Slide 26) DentalHub is a revolutionary online source

(Slide 27) for both patients and dentists.

(Slide 28) It allows you to increase your dental IQ with information you can trust.

(Slide 29) Connects you with Dental Practices via DentalHub Profiles and social media which prevents those intimidating unknown situations.

(Slide 31) Informed people make informed patients, with better smiles!

(Slide 32) DentalHub - BRUSH UP ON YOUR DENTAL IQ

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