ORGANIZED FEEDBACK is a sound performance which uses the acoustic feedback as the only sound source. The sound is sampled and manipulated in real time with custom created NI Reaktor patch.

In the first part the feedback is created by directing a microphone to the speaker. Some treatments (like covering the microphone with a hand, mouth and a glass jar) are incorporated to collect different pitches, which will then be used to create musical structures.

Sound is divided into 15 bands by narrow bandpass filters and captured by 15 overdubbing loopers, so each looper records only one specific note (the filters themselves also add to the ringing quality of the resulting sound). The loops are than turned on and off with a sequencer and computer keyboard, allowing for a semi-improvised performance based solely on the captured feedback sounds.

The performance was created for Metamusica - the series of concerts combining musical and philosophical ideas, conceived by Vasen Piparjuuri and Minoo.
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concept, performance, editing - Krzysztof Cybulski
footage - Jakub Koźniewski
additional editing - Maciej Szymczuk

2009 - 2012

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