You can gain the core spatial knowledge and skills that lead to exciting job opportunities by melding science and technology. Too often, professionals are trained in the technology used to administer geographic information science (GIS), but not in the underlying scientific principles which serve as the basis for spatial intelligence. These efforts only scratch the surface of what can and will be possible with adequate training and education in spatial thinking. The skills and ways of thinking involved in spatial analysis are now emerging as prerequisites for making sense of the data-rich, globally connected world-system.

The rapid growth of GIS from its roots in computer science, geography, mathematics and surveying, coupled with the growth and spread of the Web, promise to transform the ways in which geographic information is used in the years ahead with new geospatial datasets, such as LiDAR and new tools and technologies, such as CityEngine.

Key Takeaways:

- An understanding of “spatial intelligence”
- An understanding of LiDAR and the ways in which it is transforming digital terrain analysis and the various environmental applications built on top of these analysis tools
- An understanding of what geocoding is and how it can be used to support a rich array of social and economic applications
- An understanding of what CityEngine is and how it might be used in the coming years to build and support GIS applications that span both indoor and outdoor environments
- USC Dornsife GIS&T Graduate School opportunities (master’s degree and certificate)


- Dr. John Wilson, Professor and Director of the USC Spatial Sciences Institute and GIST graduate programs
- Dr. Karen Kemp, USC Professor of the Practice of Spatial Sciences
- Dr. Michael F. Goodchild, the Jack and Laura Dangermond Professor of Geography at the University of California, Santa Barbara and Director, UCSB Center for Spatial Studies
- Eric Wittner, Product Engineer, Esri
- Dr. Daniel W. Goldberg, Assistant Professor (Research) and Associate Director, USC GIS Research Laboratory

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