before starting a small introduction:
this is an old video i did by myself in 2007 without having any knowledge in making such small movies. i did this one by just having screen shots. the original quality is quite ok, but till now i couldn't do a compression better than this (original file is about 1,5 GB).......................

original script from 2007:

Introduction :

„A university building brings to mind the following keywords: Innovation, Openess, Transparency, Creativity, Unique Identity, Self confidence, and Community.“

With this words we started the Introduction for the first phase by this Competetion.
And after reaching the second stage, we went through the hole process to find the right answer for the building site.
On one hand we believed at our design but at the same time we saw also problems by developing the idea of „window of community.“

Without any questions: The Main idea was/is to form a linkage between the lower campus and the main campus.
But through the design process we figured out that we want a real circulation: inside the building(s) as also outside.

The Solution is a real Street through the buildings to connect the levels via a long staircase. It starts next to the Main entrance hall with vertikal linkage to the 3 buildings as also the libary.
This is the beginning of the International Academic Park.

These are the updated Keywords and requests for our proposal:

The Street with all his activities. = STREET LIFE
Circulations and loops. In and out.
The windows on Community.
The landscaping ramp
views inside/outside.
A unique marker.
International academic park


Because of Urbanismn we decided to change the shape of our building during the design process.
In fact we saw then a moebius stripe, because of the inner circulation and the urban situation on the mid level.
Coming from the kcrc station or by car you will see the first Window on community ver the culturel square (purpose by name) which
is situated over the main entrance and to reach through a long stair.
From this point on the „international street“ will be starting with entrance lobbies for the 3 buildings and the libary. We see here a place of discussions, meeting each other, having exciting views....
To explore (celebrate) that, we find here a student cafe, a book store, an exhibition space, a flexible useable pavillion, an open theater, shadow places...........
While you go on the stair from downlevel to midlevel you will find a „secret “ open stair which which brings you to the upper buildings.
While you going in this open space you see balconies on the left and on the right where people sitting.
You will have free view to the harbour and the mountains.
You will sit down on the huge stair which is nothing else than the biggest theater here on this campus.
You will reach the midlevel by having access to the landscaping roof, which is a ramp with meaning (see „ the ramp“).
This street is for us not only a vertikal linkage, is more the heart of the
The centrum of all.

Circulations and loops.

In fact our design has many of this.

Explore yourself. Here is the trip you can have

1.take the „easy to go“ stair from the junction pond crescent road/station road, reaching the culture square (purpose by name), take a short break while looking down (and an exciting up), sit down on the many ???(podeste) the stair provides you or watching inside an exhibition space you will have here. Go forward on the street (purpose by name) You will reach the street entrance lobbies of the buildings 1,2,and 3 as also the libary. On the left you will see a 3 stories high opening facing to the slope (urbanism = ....building). look to the right by having nice views to the seaside or go in the studentcafe. While you pass a bookstore and other international center envirements you can also have a look into the loop space underneath (the cubevoids). The street and several roofs will gives you shadow and a space to stay. Then you will reach the midelevel. When you want to go on further, then go on the ramp roof (purpose by name) which also belongs to the international center: we see here a free landscaping roof with 3 spaces to enter the buildings 1,2 and three. For us also a sculpturegarden. We arrange for you here also pergolas to sit in the shadow while having the views. Because of the fact, that the here are another 3 entry spaces, the student could have a lecture outside in this atmosphere.
2.take the shorter way to reach the midlevel.. then you follow the stairs besides the station road and you will reach the „amphittheater“ (purpose by name) which is build directly on the slope. Having in the evening here a lecture outside (stage is designed) or going directly from here to the mid level plaza (purpose by name).
3.Enter from downlevel the main entrance hall. Here we created a floating free space by not wasting him. Here we see the heart of the international center, but on the same time you have access to 8 theaters alone on this level. 4 stairs following the street level up. this space is occupied for at least 3000 students (when there having at the same a lecture in this floor). We see people sitting on the stairs, reading a book, discussing, having a private lecture. After reaching the last stair you will make a loop, go one stair more up and then you are on the next free floating theater level with 8 another theater. Now you decide: you go out of the building on the northeast side or you going back down in direction culture square/main entrance hall with the restaurant at the end. You are going one more stair down and you loop is finished. You are again in the main entrance hall. enter the main entrance hall while going from here directly on level +6m where you find the beginning of the INTERNATIONAL CENTER loop. Going on the galleries levels up on level +15m and then make the loop back to the main entrance hall while passing the 4 stair levels which we describe under 3.
5.take one of the 5 lifts in the floating first floor area and have directly access to the buildings.

Identity and Structure

In the first 3 floors we follow the idea to have the construction of our building(s) beween the 4 stairs going up with streetlevel. This allows us to having no column inside the theaters. Also here we situated the emergency stairs and the lifts in a cord. This is also the main construction for the eastside building which gives you free views on the streetlevel. By having this you can see this 3 cords standing free in the building.
We give them a special attention by giving them an adress for the 3 building and also easy orientation.


Why copper? Copper could have at least 2 colours: redbrown like a stone and greygreen like a tree.
While exatly this we are finding here at the site, you will see on the green northwestside the green copper (landscaping ......) and on the more slopey stone side the redbrown one (southeast).
These two tone are warm nature ones and more important: it’s getting a patina, which means it lives.

The windows of community

As our first phase proposal has startet we want to be ending this one with our Windows on community.
a.the main entrance is designed as a sculpture one. Over the culture square is the first huge screen of this college. Becaus it’s important for us, we put the libary on three stories inside this space. We set back this window for almost 5 meters for having 1.5 floors excellent sun protection. Behind this screen we find the reading places.
b.When you going up on the street looking back you see the second one which is backside of the libary: to activate the street more and more.
c.When you enter our building from the midlevel you will see the screen number three which invites you to enter the INTERNATIONAL ACADEMIC PARK .

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