In 2008 I was working together with NRK based director Yngvild Sve Flikke on 10 children shorts for NRK to be distributed and rotated through Scandinavian TV networks. The project is called "LYKKE" which is Norwegian for "Happiness". The premise from NRK was to make ten episodes of happiness for kids :) Short and sweet.

Yngvild + Palegolas turned out to be a dream team. We were working closely together, following each other's ideas, adding and building these great shorts together.
I particulary enjoyed to make the music! On average I spent 5 days of animation and one day of music per episode.

6 episodes are based on Yngvild scripts and 4 on mine. This episode "Monstervenn" (Monster friend) is one of mine, and as some of you might or might not catch, it's a little inspired from Super Mario ;)

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