How and Nosm visited Rochester, NY for WALL\THERAPY 2012.

The mural is entitled SEE THE FOREST FOR THE TREES

It took roughly 17 hours to complete this piece over the course of July 21-22. How and Nosm began working at roughly 6:30am both days.

The timelapse captures nearly all 14 hours from day one, but only a fraction of day two. HOWNOSM beat us to the punch both days, and were finished by 9am on Saturday morning.

This mural is located on Pitkin St. in Rochester, NY, on the back of the Little Theatre and next to Arena's Flowers, just a short walk down the block from 1975 Gallery.

For more information:

Timelapse courtesy of 1975 Gallery

Shot with a GoPro HD2

*Pardon the lack of transitions, Final Cut was being a bit feisty, and we'd rather get you the video than keep fighting this.

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