Kevin J. Appel
Demo Reel 2012


1. Scrabble Alphabet Scoop (2011) - TV Spot - Lead Modeler/Rigger
Modeled the hero fly character and worked with Matt Smith (TD) and Anthony Travieso (Animator) to develop the rig. Features include switchable center of gravity for walking/flying (switches between hip/chest), FK/IK limbs with stretchy IK, and blendshape facial expressions.
Software: Maya

2. Spirit of the Euro (2011) - Previs Spot - Characters
Modeled and textured all characters shown: the Spirit Cop and his football-crazy Doppelganger, the "Santa" of football, and his helper. Characters are animated and rendered within Motionbuilder, and all textures painted in Photoshop. Character designs done by Todd Winter (Art Director.)
Software: Maya, Motionbuilder, Photoshop

3. Dynamic Sports Jerseys (2012) - Modeling/Texturing and Development
Created new sports jerseys and developed constraints allowing animators to change jersey numbers in scene rather than requiring artists to retexture numbers on jerseys. Also coded the constraints to be automatically attached to jerseys by pipeline tools.
Software: Maya, Mudbox, Motionbuilder, Visual Studio 2008, Topogun, Photoshop

4. Clothing Assets (2012) - Modeling/Texturing
Modeled and textured various new clothing assets. All assets modeled in Maya with Mudbox high res sculpts, and fit within 2500-3500 poly budgets with 1 diffuse and 1 normal map. Responsible for the shirt and pants of the first character, and all remaining clothing items shown.
Software: Maya, Mudbox, Motionbuilder, Photoshop

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