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Directed by Carlos Florez.

Music video for Justin Mortelliti performing Know That I. (C) 2012 from the album The Fall and Rise, Available on itunes.

Produced by Carlos Florez and Monique Alvarez.
Production Company: Rezlab Studios.

Director: Carlos Florez

Production Company: REZLAB Entertainment
Executive Producer: Justin Mortelliti
Produced by: Carlos Florez, Monique Alvarez, Justin Mortelliti
Director of Photography: Carlos Florez
Second RED Camera Operator: Michael Poore
Actress, Assistant Director: Monique Alvarez

Production Assistant: Sam Tehrani

Justin Mortelliti
Monique Alvarez
Shannon Hunt
Emily O'Brien
John O'Brien
Olivia Lane
Laura Jean Salerno

Shot on location in Los Angeles, CA on RED cameras.

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