Contribution to the project 'Cities in a minute'. There is also a new longer version available:

Almere is the 8th largest municipality in the Netherlands. It is also one of the youngest cities and 186.692 citizens live in 5 districts. Between the districts there is room for green areas with parks and woodlands.
Special about Almere is the traffic infrastructure with its separate system of bicycle paths, bus lanes and regular streets. One of the best ways to show some of my city was by bike. This version shows the green side.

This video features the song
'[J((-1x5)+2x3)](√A²)[(D3÷(9÷3)]+(L-O-L)+O= JxAxD = JAD'
by DJad, available under a Creative Commons
Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Generic license.

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Video copyright 2009 Harald Walker

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