I didn't think I'd be able to do this weekend project as I've been a wee bit poorly again this year. Monday was a good day, I'd prayed to the surf god's to let the conditions be mellow enough for me to get out back at least once. This was my 1st surf since my last Vimeo weekend project in January, the only difference this time is that i decided to put the camera somewhere else :)

I'm not going to lie actually walking to the beach & back was pretty tough, my 9' 2" Crab Island is heavy to me but essential as it has a 5 fin set up ideal for mounting 4 GoPro's; if I had 4. I only managed to get out back once and was exhausted so I stayed inside. But I'm not grumbling, don't get me wrong, I'm a patient man, I'll wait as long as it takes for the conditions to be right. But than I studied art photography for many years & the first thing they taught me was about the decisive moment. It's the same with surfing, you have to learn to pick & choose your waves & days carefully :)

I decided to make this film to make my good friend & personal trainer Ed smile. Thanks for teaching me that pain is just weakness leaving my body Ed. I'm stronger because of you.

The day got better & better with my beloved Everton Football Club beating Manchester United in our opening game. I'd like to thank the boys for that as happiness is the best medicine...after surfing ;)

Wetter is better.
Wetter is better?
Wetter is better!

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