Again, I sat down with a load of video archives I had, to see what sort of montage I could come up with. Recently I've been reading a lot of Sergei Eisenstein's Montage Theory and I was excited to experiment and juxtapose images on top of each other, to see new meanings and ideas flashing at me excitedly from the screen. Alas, nothing of that sort happened. Most of my images, till almost a month ago are useless because I was totally unaware of the nuances of shooting and would just point and shoot like an excitable 114 year old who'd rediscovered his vitality but was unsure of exercising his new found freedom for fear of becoming 113 once again.

I tried various combinations but everything looked desperately unwatchable. Still I went on, randomly putting images one after the other. And then I realized when there's one image which ends in motion and the next one begins in motion then the transition is very smooth and the image seems to flow irrespective of the content of the image. I decided to string a few of such images together and it seemed like a stream of water flowing downstream, gently. It felt beautiful. And then I decided to put all images which I had, which were in motion; most of them are extremely bumpy, for a smooth dolly my arms are not. Still, to somehow hang on to my earlier metaphor, it seems like a bumpy stream of mud and pebbles. It does however manage to evoke a certain feeling in me and I am glad for that.

Of course, I wasn't consciously creating this effect or trying to evoke that feeling. The effect surprised me, its creator, as much as it might possibly anyone. I'm reminded of the anecdote that Abbas Kiarostami narrated when he talks about his film 'Five:dedicated to Ozu'. This is what he says; when the Indians invented chess, the Indian maharaj, sent it as a gift to a Persian king, subtly signaling India's might, at their seeming ability to represent life and war by this intellectual but highly enjoyable game. One of the ministers in the Persian court then invented the concept of dice and used it to develop backgammon. This, the Persians argued was far superior to chess, because it incorporates luck, or fate or destiny into the fabric of life, which is indeed an accurate reflection.

Similarly I, by a matter of chance discovered this thing that has at least excited me. I understand that a lot of people will be upset, as is their right, because this denies them any sort of pleasure, devoid as it is of the heart and its considerable charms.

There's a couple of clips of Daria, a magical woman that I fell in love with. When I expressed this to her, she, in her sincerest tone said ' I love you like a human loves another human, unlike how a woman loves or desires a man'. Expect a mopey video very soon.

I saw Drive just the other day at a theater for the first time. Expectedly, Nightcall background scores everything in my life currently.

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