Their sweet love story started when Ann was working at Evercrest in Nasugbu, Batangas back in 2006. They were introduced by a common friend, and it never came to Ann’s mind that they can be lovers. Ever since then, there was this curiosity in Joy’s mind, but he never had the guts to ask Ann out to know her better. After 4 years, they saw each other again and Joy still has that feeling for her. He decided to give it a chance and know each other more on a higher level. It was very sweet of him to drop-off and pick up Ann to and from work at midnight hours. They had their first date at Mall of Asia at the Seaside, and it was August 17, 2009 when she said “Yes!”…From then on, another chapter of their love story begins.

What we love about this rainy season is that we still see how happy our couples get in spite of heavy rain. Just like with Joy and Ann’s wedding, we thought we will have a good weather all throughout the day since it hasn’t really been raining continuously. Unfortunately, the heavy rain suddenly starts falling when the ceremony started, and it didn’t stop until they got to their reception’s venue in Bali Village. It took them more than an hour to get from the church to the reception area because of the heavy traffic (this usually happens during long weekends in Tagaytay). Also, more guests came than they initially anticipated…just a testimony that a lot of people love them dearly. The bride remained calm and showerd her sweet smile regardless of everything that happened. This couple still managed to be nice and cool with all the guests and all the suppliers around them.

An interesting fact: Tables were named after the hotels in the Philippines were the bride used to work.
Here it is, an inspiration and reminder to all of us to always look at the brighter side. We’re always grateful to see couples so in love that nothing can ruin their happy union. Cheers to Joy and Ann!

Took place at Bali Village, Tagaytay and Caleruega Chapel
by Team Freshminds

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