Group reports with Kay, Ross and Aaron. Put them all together because we only had a 8min and 25sec. window to do all of our reports. Some of them are for radio and others TV or Internet. New form Desktop Reporting.
Enjoy! And here is a rundown.

Slug/ /Reader/ /TRT/ /EOS/
Local Crime Scene Aaron 0.15 .15
Gun Control Ross 0.30 .45
Children of Hoarders Kay 0.45 1.30
Local Employees Ross 1.15 2.45
EU Border Dispute Aaron 1.15 4.00
Local Artists Ross 0.45 4.45
Craft Fair Ross 0.15 5.00
Foreclosure Notices Kay 0.30 5.30
Hoarders v. Packrats Kay 1.15 6.45
Love Contracts Kay 0.15 7.00
Air Car Aaron 0.30 7.30
Demolition Derby Aaron 0.45 8.15
News Correction Aaron 0.10 8.25

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