We decided to re-edit some of our Seven & Seven Interviews showing only the riding clips. These guys really do some awesome tricks in these video interviews, so we wanted to put some emphasis on their hard work!

The Seven & Seven format is seven Q / A's with seven clips. Basing the title and format off of the popular drink a "Seven and Seven," which the ingredients are 7-Up and Seagrams 7. When you remove one of the sevens as we did with the interview questions you are left with one raw ingredient to get the job done which you pour on the rocks. So we decided to call the edits showcasing the raw tricks, " On the rocks"!

Alex Vazquez came through with some unique clips for his 7&7 interview, so his "On the Rocks" is filled with tricks only Alex would think of!

Peep Alex's compete 7&7 interview here wehavemotive.com/alex-vazquez-seven-seven/

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