A quick grade of one of the BMCC raw footage shots released by John Brawley and Blackmagic. The lighting felt painterly to me, so I tried out a softened but high contrast look with a pastel palette to accentuate that.

The original test footage: vimeo.com/47933090
The raw footage: forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=15

Exposure knocked down about half a stop. Negative clarity for the soft effect. Saturation decreased. Highlights are shifted slightly towards skintone, and shadows very slightly toward purple for vintage feel. Reds are shifted slightly orange to fit the palette. Subtle vignette added. Slight luma noise reduction, although honestly the noise feels more grain-like than I was expecting.

Graded using Photoshop RAW batch process, and added rgrain's "35mm exciter" grain in After Effects using Overlay blend mode at 50% opacity (although you're hard pressed to see any evidence of it after Vimeo's compression!).

Never graded RAW video before... it feels great (although PS RAW is not the ideal environment!). Might be difficult to go back to my 5DII and 550D footage after this...

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