*Further Official Trailer*

*(**vimeo.com/46697798* *)*


Hands down Jeremy Jones is the biggest badass in snowboarding right now.
Every year he seems to risk life and limb time and time again in the search
for the world’s best line. This year Jeremy brought the likes of Lucas
Debari, Forrest Sheaer, Josh Dirksen and Terje Haakonsen to join him on his
voyage to bring fresh tracks to remote locations across the globe. What I
feel really sets the “Deeper” series aside from any other backcountry
videos is that you becoming a part of the experience in Jeremy’s search.
You see how the crew lives in tents in these remote locations, you
experience their grueling hike up these massive untouched mountains and
come to respect the mountains in the same way that they do. If you haven’t
already, I suggest checking out Ed’s interview series he has going with
Jeremy to find out more about the Further project.

*“Gremlinz 2 - The Refried Batch" Teaser*

(vimeo.com/47237833 )

In my opinion the Gremlinz make some of the most entertaining videos to
watch on the Internet. Their mix of riding, party footage, catchy rap
soundtracks and drunken antics never disappoint. I think Tyler Lynch and
Sawyer Deen will have the two-standout parts in this video; both have
really good style and are really well rounded riders.

*Déjà Vu ~ Prologue Parts 1 & 2**
**(Part 1: **vimeo.com/46843549* * Part 2: **
vimeo.com/47834600* *)*


A while back a video out of Quebec called “Bandwagon” came out and changed
what people thought was possible in the streets. After a long hiatus,
they’ve got the band back together for their new web-release “Déjà Vu”
featuring Louif Paradis, LNP, Nic Sauve, Will Lavigne, Frank April, Phil
Jacques, Alex Cantin, and Ben Bilocq. The second part of the prologue is
filled with a bunch of next level hammers, if it’s any indication of what
the video will be like it’s sure to make some heads turn.

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