Athena and Bill Steen, authors of 'The Strawbale House', teach workshops on their property in Canelo, Arizona for people interested in learning alternative techniques of 'green' building.

Besides the environmental value and simplicity of straw bale construction combined with natural plasters, the architectural art form produces houses and structures of amazing elegance and beauty.

The Canelo Project is based in southern Arizona in one of the most interesting biological habitats in the U.S. The local wildlife includes mule deer, javelina, cougars, and many unusual species of birds, reptiles, insects and plants. Although rarely seen, this region includes the northernmost range of the jaguar.

The narrator in this video, 'Claire', is actually a computer generated speech project by AT&T Labs --not a person.

Shot with a Panasonic AG-DVX100 mini-DV tape camcorder. Great little camcorder but only standard definition-- so obsolete now.

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