New Age thinking

New Age therapy emphasises the importance of your own role in manifesting your life experience.

It is commonly known from vast amounts of research that your emotions have a direct influence on the functioning of your body cells. The effect is easily observable when your body produces different kinds of hormones under different emotional states and this is a direct physical reaction on emotion. In response to emotional triggers, hormones are produced that in turn influence the operation of other body cells – and hormonal changes are one of the causes that have been found to influence the accumulation of cellulite.

However, Quantum Physics has taught us much more. This is the field of science devoted to the behaviour of atoms and all the subatomic particles called protons, neutrons, electrons, photons and neutrinos, which are themselves built up of quarks. At this level of subatomic particles their behaviour can change from that of an object (however small the dot can be imagined) to that of an energy vibration, or frequency, like a radio or light wave. These entities of energy are called quanta´.

Emotion itself is not a purely physical matter of mere hormones. Emotion has a vibration that has been shown to have its effect on water and the average adult body has a 70% water content. The Japanese, Dr. Masaru Emoto, has published various books on the subject, e.g. “The Hidden Messages of Water”, in which it is shown that ice crystals exposed to ´positive vibrations´such as love, gratitude, happiness or classical music, are often stunningly beautiful, while the ice crystals exposed to ´negative vibrations´ of hate, anger, anxiety, or aggressive music. cause disturbing patterns to form. This reveals that what we think, feel and say can affect our entire body beyond the boundary of what our five senses can perceive.

Furthermore, in other experiments in the 1990´s, DNA has also been shown to have a powerful response to emotion.

Basically, New Age Therapy takes into account the vibrations of your thoughts and emotions, which have a significant influence on your body and being in general. An understanding of this personal responsibility for your health shows the importance of trying to lead a stress-free life and programming time for relaxation and enjoyment.

When used consciously:

Our mind creates a desire for a condition or an object - keep your desired result of cellulite removal in mind.
We create a plan of achievement – decide which treatment is right for you.
We take the necessary action to acquire our desire.
In this case, you have taken step number 1 and chosen to repair your body and eliminate the undesired cellulite that has accumulated. We offer to help you with steps Nos. 2 & 3 by offering you the benefit of our investigation and suggest some of the available methods from which you can choose. to take the necessary action. such as acquiring a massage machine and a good cellulite removal cream. Keep the picture of your desired result in mind on a daily basis, be aware of your food intake, and be happy. Positive thoughts on all levels of vibration are what bring positive results.

We now live in an era in which scientists are working in alliance with New Age physical therapy, and if you would like to know more about the vast amounts of research done on the effects of your emotions on hormones and how they in turn influence the operation of other body cells, we recommend contacting some of our affiliate links for a more complete explanation of this very wide subject and how it affects your desire to eliminate your cellulite.


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