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Note: we, the filmmakers, would like to thank all those involved as well as the fans. Without you, the fans, we would have never thought to make this wonderful film. We wished to show a side to the story of a character we, the filmmakers, and you, the readers, fell in love with in the series but felt as though we needed more. We can't wait to release the sequel and had a fun time making this one and look forward to releasing the next one for all of you to enjoy!

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In this thrilling short film directed by newcomer Jonathan Pal the audience gets a glimpse at District 4 and The 65th Hunger Games; featuring characters such as Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta this film is sure to hit close to home for fans of Suzanne Collins' critically acclaimed series of books.

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Based on Characters Created By Suzanne Collins

Screenplay and Film Directed by Jonathan Pal

Finnick Odair- Jonathan Pal
Annie Cresta - Hannah Hale
Career Tribute - Diana Bost
Boy Tribute from District 8 - Johnny Kavanagh
District 4 Spear Fisher - Mike DeNora

Music by
Jon Altino

In Loving Memory
Tony Scott

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