I conceived, directed (together with Alex Sabatelli) and flame-composited this music video for the doom metal band Khanate.
Alan Dubin, then the singer and songwriter of Khanate, edited the video on the avid.
Alan's Lyrics seemed to be written from a dead person's angry spirit's point of view, deeply resenting everyone who didn't care about his suffering and isolation in life. The video is a bleak slow motion trip visualizing the suicide and the immediate aftermath as the protagonist dies and enters the spirit world. The video suggests that suicide does not resolve but just a continuation of the same suffering experienced in life - a mind tormented by depression, hatred, anger and ultimately ignorance.
Alex Sabatelli and I turned my flame compositing suite into a bathroom, tiling the floor, putting a sink and mirror in. The Wall behind is green screen and every shot required intricate compositing.

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