This is a magnificent improvisation performed on an exceptional Steinway (Ars Musica 2009, Flagey, Studio 1, Brussels) by Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven (
Jean-Philippe and I have done several concerts and films together (more about our concerts here:, I wish I had been part of this one!
However, he sent me the recording so that I could practice -in real-time- with it, this is the results (some of the other things we have done together can be seen here

This music later became part of a CD, "Fleeting Music," available here

I have returned to this piece several times since, using sections of it as images source for making other films, I also often use it in my live performances as one of the many streams I "play" with.

I am very happy to see "my" images, though now exclusively computer generated, continue to live in the visual space that was "mine" before allergies forced me to abandon natural media.
With software titles like Painter (, Studio Artist (, Final Cut Pro and GLMixer (, I am witnessing the emergence of images, still and "animated," which escape the curse of the techno-plumbing "industrial" look, remaining connected to their source, our so very essential "not-knowing."
The elusiveness of (for example) charcoal and graphite on paper is no longer available to me, but I find that many of "my" digital images are still connected to that which had to be abandoned long ago. I see in "my" digital images a strong kinship with "my" natural media pieces and yet, none of that is "intentional.".
Samples of "my" natural media work (drawings) can be seen here
I find it sad to witness the current invasion of the creative process by the false prophets of the "how to" and the "what to do with," which is overwhelming the quiet awareness of "what needs to be done?" and even more so, the more fundamental and more elusive "letting it make itself through me."

„Zu den Sachen selbst!“

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