I went a little creative on this one, tried to create elements that weren't actually competed.

1. Piked yamawaki to support D (II)
2. Teng Haibin F (IV)
3. Zonderland F (I)
4. Straddle Salto fwd to support E (I)
5. Tsolakidis F (II)
6. Morisue with 1/1 t. F (I)(does not actually exists-should be replaced with Quintero)
7. Basket with 1/2 t. E (IV)
8. Basket with 3/4 t. E (IV)
9. Li Xiaopeng F (II)
10. Kato F (V)

Difficulty: 5.5
Connection: N/A
Element groups: 2.5 (with Quintero instead full twisting Morisue)

Start Value: 18.0

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