As you can see even with this ridiculously over-saturated "Domino" look the footage holds up beautifully. This was rendered from a ProRes444 proxy created from the DNG rather than the RAW DNG itself. (Keep in mind, this footage was not shot with this kind of a grade in mind, otherwise the wide shots would grade as well as the close up.)

I did some pixel peeping to see if there was any difference between the RAW and the ProRes.... there is a miniscule amount of pixel blurring that can only be seen at 400%

But at this extreme type setting the noise in the background can start barking at you in places. But it's not going to be often that one grades anything this extreme. (check the wall behind her on the balcony (camera left), and the wall above her head in the wide shot @0:05 That chatter is there in both the ProRes and the DNG.) BUT I had to really push the image to get this to happen.

RIP Tony.

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