The SMARTER Photographers want to know if the Panasonic Lumix G5 mirrorless camera is the right one for them. It's the replacement for the popular G3 and is loaded with creative photo and video filter presets designed to create quality images with a sense of style. Using the wide line of Micro4/3 lenses from Lumix and Olympus as well as other brands, this little camera has some unique and attractive features for it's $800 pricetag. Is it worth the money? Could it be a replacement to your DSLR? If you have a G3 or an Olympus PEN system, is this the camera to move up to?
In this Real Life Review hybrid imaging expert Will Crockett from skips all the silly tech specs and marketing hype and takes the G5 out on a few shoots to see how it handles in the real world to create photos and video, both indoors and out - bright sun and low interior light - and shares his insight with you in this 11 minute video.
Will Crockett is the chief tech writer for, the photo expert on GeekBeatTV, and is a commercial photographer with a rather impressive pedigree that enjoys helping you to discover the hybrid future of photography using the best in mirrorless camera technologies.

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