Salient points as follows:

> 64 year old male with a known history of peptic ulcer disease (s/p endoscopy by a Gastroenterologist colleague of mine);

> rapid loss of motor power from the hips down beginning August 5 (as in he was already unable to sit & walk by August 8);

> no trauma incidents related to the head & spine -- but patient admits having long-term (>1 year) mid-thoracic pain (although he denies any lumbosacral pain);

> no higher neurologic changes/symptoms -- cerebral, brainstem & upper limb functions are normal;

> mild sensory changes are present with the trunk, particularly the abdomen;

> abdominal wall muscle power is at 4/5; hip muscle power is at 2/5; thighs are at 1/5; leg power is 0/5, and he has no sensation from the knees down;

> patient admits to having reduced sensation with bowel movement, but denies bowel & bladder incontinence;

> nothing unusual with the bloodwork except for a PMN percentage of 75;

> at present, other than the PUD problem, the patient apparently has no other medical problems.

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