Directed by Christin Turner
Produced by Elan Bentov and Christin Turner
Assistant Producer - Farrah Emami
Director of Photography - Loreto Di Cesare
Camera - Titus Richard
Editing - Christin Turner
Motion Graphics - Jonathan Sanchez

The Dum Dum Girls - Dee Dee, Jules, Malia, Sandy
Priestess - Isla Rose Forgeron
Adonis - Ryan Hooper
Vestal Virgins - Haley Crone, Tracy Ann Ball, Lindsay Parra

Costume - Rafael Camacho
Styling - Megan Mah
Makeup - Sabrina Rucker
Hair - Brenda Kamt

Production Assistants - Nicole Deaver, Jonathan Lowery, Alan Vazquez


I developed the concept, wrote the treatment, and constructed a storyboard shot-by shot. Elan Bentov constructed the budget, sourced the studio in Los Angeles, equipment included. I did principal casting. With the help of Farrah Emami we sourced extras and a second location. Loreto Di Cesare was the cinematographer using his own camera. He constructed the light plans according to my storyboard and visual references. Titus Richard brought Loreto to the project, was second camera, and switched 1st AD roles with Elan Bentov. After filming, Titus prepped the footage for editing. In this version I edited the footage alone. In the official version Forrest Borie built the final cut afterwards.

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