This is a brief video tutorial about how to setup the helvetireader theme for Google Reader.

Here is the spoken word in written form:

"good morning, good evening and good night
I'm your host David from and in this brief video tutorial
I will show you how to install the beautiful and simple Helvtireader userscript in Firefox.
Let's start.

First, open your Firefox Web Browser and go to
What you see is the normal Google Reader interface. A long list view with some navigation elements. Not too cluttered, but not simple enough and especially not very pretty. We're going to change this.

Open a new tab or window and go to This is a simple website explaining what helvetireader does. Let's look at the installation instructions below "How to use the theme". As we use Firefox, we have to install the Greasemonkey extension first. Do so by opening the link in a new tab or window.

Now click on "Add to Firefox", wait three seconds and then click "Install now". After that, Firefox must be restarted, so click "Restart Firefox". Now close the add-ons windows and the Greasemonkey extention tab and go back to Click on the "Install as a userscript" link, wait three seconds and click "Install". In the lower right hand corner the monkey says "Helvetireader successfully installed", so everything is fine.

To see the results, close the tab and go back to your Google Reader and reload the page. Now you can use your Google Reader with a really beautiful theme applied to it and still have the power of the best feed reader out their.

If you ever want to remove helvetireader, right click on the monkey's head in the lower right hand corner and click "Manage userscripts ...", select "helvetireader" and click "Uninstall".

If you're insterested in saving time and quickly exploring your reading list without moving your hand back and forth, watch my video about keyboard shortcuts in Google Reader on

Thanks for your attention!"

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