We're excited to present our entry to the Jack Daniels Independence Project, found here: instructables.com/id/Large-Scale-3D-Printing-from-Recyclables/

What’s My Big Idea? Hack a device to create 3D Printed Composting Toilets from Recycled Materials

Why do it?
• Trash is a huge problem in developing countries
• Millions of people lack access to toilets or latrines
• Current solutions, such as composting toilets, are expensive and often require materials to be imported
• Creating jobs is a benefit to anyone
• Composting toilets boost hygiene without impacting water supplies and creates fertilizer for better crop production
• Solutions managed by locals for regional needs have the most success

Our 3D printing project will allow for the rapid production of affordable, customized products made onsite from recyclables. However, this solution requires access to plastic trash, a team of makers to create one of the first large-scale 3D printers and filament makers, in-country capacity building, and end-users who are willing to test our stuff with their stuff.
So, I enlisted my friends to build a team of creatives, scholars, and makers to hack a plasma cutter using milk jugs, plastic bags and other garbage we have on hand. Preliminary designs and prototypes are underway, but in order to create robust prototype to travel to Chile, where we have already identified a strategic partnership with a local recycling program, potential buyers of the recycled output, and a community that has committed to becoming trained in 3D printing, we need YOUR help!!

Our first traveling prototype will cost approximately $15,000 + travel expenses. Winning this challenge will give us just enough working capital to convert trash to cash.

Here’s to the Jack Daniels Independence Project and the ability to make a difference!

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