Origins: Spring 2011
People! of the Earth by Danielle Dickerson
4:12, Super 8 and video.

"I honestly knew nothing about the origins of Los Angeles, or more specifically, the Native Americans who resided here. Being ignorant on the history of Los Angeles made me skeptical all together—as I was constantly thinking of how I wanted to create a film in which would portray a message, while still being enjoyable to look at. Thus, when I had gained knowledge of the Tongva tribe, I was set in stone in what I wanted to create—a combination of the structures of modern day Los Angeles with the mood of this Native tribe in some way 'still lurking or still present'. I added colors, including the Tongva colors, to represent the liveliness of Los Angeles, even if it was on a hot, regular Wednesday or Thursday. Ha-ha. I added nature sounds, to serve as a background narrative, explaining what was once heard before the hustle and bustle of noise. My message was to explain on how the modernization of Los Angeles made some of us not aware of how our land is really supposed to be. I do not believe that Los Angeles always polluted air due to numerous factories and other dangerous hazards. This land was once peaceful. I feel that many more people in the city should know the history, become more and more aware, and in some way, more proud. Stepping into the knowledge bowl, I find that my film really expresses one main idea: The Tongva are still here, whether in spirit or disguise."

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