B&W first 1+ minutes of laboratory footage were designed and filmed by Carlos Thomas.

This was my contribution to a documentary film called “VDO: fuera de sus casillas” about Jose Val del Omar directed by my friend and awarded filmmaker Velasco Broca together with filmmaker and professor/expert in VDO Victor Berlin. in 2010. It is a fragment of the documentary. You can find the whole thing in the VDO anthology boxset released by cameo (I also collaborated on the boxset cover design with Velasco Broca).
I filmed these b&w 16mm sequences, discovering what I found relevant within the lab and designed/controlled most of the lighting myself. It was all shot in VDO’s PLAT laboratory (PLAT meaning Picto Luminic Audio Tactile) where he used to work on his visionary films back in the 40s to the beginning of the 80s. The room was almost in complete darkness and the equipment to film was austere as well as the deadline. It was an enriching and unforgettable experience nevertheless. The documentary had been included in VDOs anthology dvd boxset released by Cameo in 2011 and the film was screened through the whole few months a major exhibition compiling all VDO masterpiece films, cinematic inventions and collages, photographs were shown in the Reina Sofia Museum (the most important of contemporary arts) in Spain.
Val del Omar is probably the most obscure and enigmatic artist who has ever existed in Spain. He invented a celluloid format for cinema, several camera lenses including the zoom, huge audio recording devices, equipment for the processing and altering of the moving image, he developed many visionary film theories which he himself made real and we can see in the films he left behind him. His work is so bizarre and special I can’t think of any other filmmaker or avant-garde artist that ever created such cryptic and beautiful moving images in the whole history of cinema; and what’s more importantly he developed theory which he took to practice inventing his own equipment and it was all by himself. A true genius and visionary by definition.

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