Laser Treatment for Toe Pain - Podiatrist in Somerset and North Brunswick, NJ - Harvey Jacobs DPM
Patient of Dr. Harvey Jacobs discusses Laser Treatment for Toe Pain.

In addition to treating a variety of foot & ankle conditions, the office also offers;
• In-office x-ray
• Laser Treatment for toenail fungus
• Diagnostic Ultrasound
• Doppler / Vascular Testing for PAD - peripheral vascular disease
• Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Program
• Cast application
• Total Contact Casting
• Orthotics & Bracing
• Out-Patient
• Out-Patient and In-Patient Hospital Surgery
• Extracorporeal shockwave therapy
• Diabetic foot care
• Axon – II for Painless Nerve testing of lower extremity sciatica, and neuropathy which can cause burning, tingling, shooting pains, as well as numbness in the feet and legs.

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