The Talking Book

Live performance in Chile during october 2012 at the VANG-Festival Internacional de Vanguardia -
Excerpt of the Concert

Reclaimed from a graveyard of vinyl, “The Talking Book” is a collection of oxidized aural snapshots buried between the gloom and the gorgeous. A collaboration between Bill Gould, best known as a founding member of the group Faith No More, and conceptual sound artist Jared Blum, creator of abstract pop under the moniker “Blanketship”, and other releases on his SF based, lo-fi musique concrete label Gigante Sound. “The Talking Book” is the first installment in a series of like-minded recordings on Bill Gould’s Koolarrow Record Label.

Sound by Bill Gould and Jared Blum. "Maxim" Excerpt from the Album The Talking Book.
Video ( Editing, compositing, recordings and performances) by Roland Quelven and Isabel Pérez del Pulgar.

The Talking Book
Koolarrow records

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