MTV Hollywood Crush
"Whenever we watch this trailer, we hyperventilate into a paper bag until we pass out."

Client: Penguin Group USA
Type: broadcast, theatrical and internet
Director: Alex Sufit
Production Company: Lexitricity
Advertising Agency: HYPvideo

DoP: Barry Gross
Focus Puller: Alison Lai
Art Director: Nigel Mitchell
Art Assistant: Mars Garnier
Makeup Artist: Lisa Pemberton
Casting Assistant: Sophie Reynolds
Reader: Kristina Guberman

Additional footage (in posters):
The Innocents + Falling Kingdom
DoP: Flemming Jetmar / Actors: Adam Foster, Jenni Herzberg and Samantha Clark
Black City DoP: Alex Sufit / Actors: Danny De Croix and Fiona Griffin

Offline Editor: Alex Sufit
Post Production Directors Cut
Online Editor: Marco Santoro
Colourist: Andy Elliott

Equipment supplied by Decode and Vintage Lenses
Thanks to Directors Cut, Hub Media and Vintage Lenses

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