To quote Charlie Chaplin's incredibly powerful speech from the "The Great Dictator":
"People (...) have the power to create happiness, to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure!"
Happiness, freedom and beauty are the words that come to mind while listening to Edward's music. And these words stuck with us while doing this video.

First, there was this simple idea: "We need to make some video". But from the very start we knew it had to be different. It had to be crazy, it NEEDED to be crazy. So let's add a little touch of one of the greatest painter ever to the video - let's add a touch of Gustav Klimt. And so we upgraded the idea once more because the only way to know if you can do something is if you are willing to fail while doing it. So there we had it: "Let's make a hdr stop-motion video".
Sure, we knew that weather can mess up the plans, light can mess up our plans, and time - because if we were short on something - it was time.

But we decided to try simply because we've never done anything like that before. And maybe it is the true message that rises from Edward's lyrics: don't overthink, act. If it doesn't hurt anyone and it makes you happy - go ahead, do it. Life's beautiful because you can never take for granted the outcome of your decisions.

Yet we know one thing: making this video - preparations, shooting, editing - had to be one of the most satisfying creative processes we've ever went thru.
So be our guest - enjoy it and have fun.
Lots of fun.

Let's make this video a part of your life, of your own beautiful adventure.
That's all there it is to it.
We're honoured you take your time to watch it :).

directed, written, edited: Lukasz Pytlik
cinematography: Marek Sokolowski
costumes, make up: Estera Tyminska
art: Kinga Karolina Szymkowiak
actors: Arkadiusz Tyminski, Emilia Sawicka.

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