You bought an iPad. And you loved that iPad.
But you soon learned that your iPad was delicate and fragile…
And not so easy to type with.
So we created the Smart Top. Armed with Apple’s famed Bluetooth keyboard. And a high quality fabric shell. The Smart Top forms from a compact, slim fold, to an ergonomic, comfortable laptop.
Tailored to ensure your typing comfort.
Simple. Practical. Essential.
And in an array of colors to match any need.
The ‘Smart Top’ is an iPad cover that transforms the iPad into a laptop anywhere and anytime. Made with highest quality materials, the ‘Smart Top’ allows the user to easily assemble any generation of iPad with Apple’s Bluetooth wireless keyboard through a unique structural design. The ‘Smart Top’ is an innovative addition that streamlines the devices into one user experience.

- Designed by Tangram in Korea

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