Eviction Day is a short documentary about the homeless encampments that have been a mainstay along the Ventura River in California for almost a century. Due to environmental degradation, public outcry, and municipal responsibility, the encampments are in the process of being disintegrated. However, there is essentially no plan ready for these people once they get kicked out - we wanted to know where they can go, if anywhere.

The film premiered on August 24th, 2012 as part of the Blue Horizons Program at UCSB and was a part of the Ojai Valley Film Festival in October. We are also submitting to Santa Barbara International Film Festival and many more, so for now we are unable to release the full film publicly, but stay tuned!!

Produced, Written, Directed, and Shot by:

Matt Linkin
Osman Noor
Jake Martin
Ian Vargas
Chloe Vaught

Temporary Soundtrack:


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